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We are looking for a Team Manager Marketing!


Are you whip smart and fiercely ambitious? Do you have a strategic flair and killer work ethic? Looking for a place that could help elevate you and take your career to the next level? This could be for you.


Performance marketing is a fast paced and highly competitive industry. Things change in a heartbeat and the only way to stay competitive is to be as sharp as a knife, ambitious, patient and always eager to learn more.


Advidi is one of the top CPA Affiliate Networks in the world and to remain at the top of our game,we are expanding our current marketing team. We are looking for a T-shaped marketing manager: a generalist, who should be a jack of all trades in the marketing world. This role is a perfect blend of strategy and hands-on involvement.


The operations are mainly based around B2B tactics with the aim of keeping Advidi’s brand communications up-to-par and to the standard that is expected of us as an industry leader. Alongside this, the role will involve the production of business development plans and campaigns for new business acquisitions via online and offline channels.


Next to the marketing expertise, the successful applicant will also have to demonstrate genuine and successful managerial skills. We are looking for someone who is able to enegise a team, motivate, lead by example and become a rustworthy figure the team not only likes, but respects.

Areas of focus (aka what would make you successful in this position):


          Inbound marketing initiatives, lead generation, demand gen, these terms are what gets you up in the morning. You clearly know how omnichannel acquisition works, you are familiar with content marketing strategies, marketing automation, B2B funnels, lead qualification, etc.

          Paid campaigning is no stranger to you, you’re able to successfully work on new business acquisition via online and offline channels, as well as retention marketing methods - PPC, SEA, affiliate marketing, performance marketing.

          You're excited by the Data, -  and have experience with CRM systems (Salesforce), as well as B2B automation tools (Hubspot).

          You have knowledge and experience on B2B brand management, from brand design and brand storytelling, to brand positioning and corporate and employer branding.

          You understand Omnichannel content production, from social media and SEO to content production and blogging.

          Product development and Product Marketing isn’t new to you. You have an understanding of industry trends and promotions.  

          You keep one eye on New market expansion and strategy, and understand global trends. 

          You’re able to read and understand Data Analysis and streamline content into relevant reports for a wider team. 

          You think offline as well as on, from events management, offline branding, merchandise and client engagement.

          You’re client focused and think about client segmentation, client relationship management, client retention, CLV and Account-based marketing.

          You have a commercial mindset, considering marketing driven revenue, the

financial impact you have within the company and a sales focus.

Who are you (or who you should be):


Ultimately you’re going to have to tell us that yourself. But here are some boxes we’re hoping you tick:


          Creative and analytical thinking.

          Innovative and willing to experiment with new channels.

          Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and concepts.

          Excited to fill knowledge gaps, learn and grow.

          Understanding of the difference between B2B and B2C engagement. 

          Able to create beautifully designed campaign flows with the power to convert and retain end users.

          Creative about ways of building an online presence, while also relying on data and analytics to understand the impact.

          A love of research and being ultra prepared. You only put fingers to keys once you own the subject.

          A focus to create sales through marketing initiatives.

          An obsession with details.

          Experienced with leading small to medium sized teams.

          5+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Need to have:


          Experience running campaigns and projects, taking them from idea to execution.

          A structured process for project management that leads to excellent personal and team performance.

          The foresight to expand on market trends.

          An attitude for collaboration with the Sales and Product teams.

          The drive to speak out, challenge and offer solutions.

          Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Marketing.

          Excellent written and spoken English.

          Post-sale and account based marketing/customer lifecycle knowhow.

          A friendly and helpful professional attitude. That means pitching in where you can and being a self-starter.

Nice to have:


          An ability to imagine abstract topics.

          Tech savvy and comfortable with tech terminology.

          Understanding of online shopping and e-commerce structures.

          “Nose” for spotting and hiring external talent.

Who are we?


We’re one of the leading performance marketing networks in the world. Our clients are located in more than 100 countries, meaning our voice needs to reach and be relevant in the farthest edges of the world. Our brand is one of the most respected and recognised in the industry, which sets the bar pretty high for internal and external expectations. What we do and say is closely monitored by everyone around us. That’s why we need someone who’ll take on the responsibility of consistently producing outstanding results.


We maintain a unique working culture that’s designed to bring out the best in every member of the team. Our office is centrally located near Westerpark, and encourages a friendly, relaxed and outgoing vibe.


Each one of our customers is unique. It’s our job to make everyone feel welcome and cared for - you could say it’s our top priority. That’s why it goes without saying that this is a role for open-minded, respectful and accepting individuals.


The role sits within the Marketing & Communications department and reports to our VP of Marketing & Communications.


What we offer:


In addition to the exciting on-the-job learning and warm, welcoming environment, we offer:


          A competitive salary (based on your experience).

          An in-office chef who prepares healthy gourmet meals every day.

          A positive working environment that encourages professional development.

          Open, transparent discussions about company targets and goals.

          Support and guidance while you find your place within our company culture .

          Foosball, darts, football field, basketball court.

          Blowout trimester parties and monthly team events.

          Awesome yearly company trip.

          Company-sponsored Dutch lessons.

          Gym membership and the ability to workout during office hours.

          Professional personal coaching.

          25 days of holiday, + 1 day of birthday leave, + the option to buy 10 more per year.


Top tips:


          Ideally, we’re looking for applicants who already live in the Netherlands.

          Applications that come with additional information about successful and relevant past experiences are a plus.

          Agency applications or applications sent by Email won’t be reviewed.

          If you’re genuinely excited by all the above, be sure to let it show in your application - we LOVE enthusiasm!


This is our story

We’re a performance marketing network. Founded in 2012. Global - but deeply Dutch.

Our mission is also our core business:
We find and connect the best people in the industry while inspiring and empowering them to be more successful.

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